Writing's Big Plan

As life continues to prove to us, time and time again, success is an inside-out game. And nowhere is that truer than in the world of writing.

With that in mind and for the purpose of bettering the lives and successes of writers everywhere best-selling author Tom Bird has designed Writing’s Big Plan (WBP), a one-year  immersion program, using the powerful inside out method of writing to clear our divine paths as writers and get our feet firmly planted on our individual roads to personal and professional success.

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Who is WBP for?

For any writer or would-be author feeling the call of a big step needing to be taken in their lives.

WBP releases us to take that big step by using the power of writing to go directly to the heart of what holds us back as authors and free us from those entanglements for good.

Tom Bird - The Man Behind the Method

While serving as a publicist for major league baseball’s Pittsburgh Pirates, Tom Bird had a life-changing, perspective-altering, spiritual awakening. This spiritual awakening would set the compass for the remainder of his life, produce the sale of his first book and reset, forever, how he would see writing, publishing, and life.

Tom’s awakening and eventual success as a best-selling author and the innovative, spiritually-led approach he took to get there, directly disputed all he had learned, been taught, or read about writing and the authoring of books up to that point.

True to a promise he made to share what had been revealed to him, Tom has spent the last thirty-five years sharing the unique, inside-out approach with authors and writers of all types worldwide.

During that time, besides writing more than thirty books himself, Tom has appeared before hundreds of thousands of aspiring authors through webinars, retreats, seminars, radio talk-show appearances and through over 4,000 lecture appearances at hundreds of different colleges and universities.

The fundamental pillars of Tom’s Method:

  • The book that’s calling out to you to be written is already created and written on the so-called other side of life. So it does not need to be created by you. Instead, it just needs to be released.
  • The cornerstone of effectively and functionally connecting with one’s book lies in communing with what Tom refers to as the Divine Author Within (DAW) state.
  • Once connected with one’s book through the DAW state, amazing results can transpire, including writing one’s book in a few days.
  • The writing of one’s book through the DAW state comprises a major leap into one’s dharma, or life purpose, and thus comprises a major, positive, life-changing event and/or shift as well.
  • Amen.

His unique method has led to the completion of tens of thousands of books, more than one hundred of which have ended up as Amazon best-sellers.

What Tom’s method has done for so many, it can do for you as well.

Tom lives and works in Sedona, AZ, although his workshops and writing seminars are offered in many locations across the U.S.

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